Be one of the first to experience Malibu Creek State Park like no other race can do. These trails have NEVER had a race take place on them before. Make history with us on May 6, 2017!!! 

Our Most Excellent Sponsors

Fluid makes AWESOME hydration and recovery drink mixes. Based here in California, Fluid products have short, simple ingredient lists, seriously taste great, and they WORK! We're excited to offer them on our race course in 2017!

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Thank you Ladyface Ale Companie for supporting our races and celebrating our athletes for three years running!!!

15 Miler ~ $70

Thank you to our sponsors for their continued support as we bring new races to our trail running community.


The best "hands free" running band on the market. Snug enough to not move and stretchy enough to hold all your training and racing essentials.

10 Miler ~ $60

The only locally owned, independently run store in our area. Supporting our races for over 4 years now with everything our runners need to acheive their goals. 

Offering cycling vacation throughout the United States and Canada. Explore the National Parks by bike. With over 13 years experience, all you have to do is ride!

Keeping our runners safe on the trails ~ So all they have to do is run! You're in good hands with our Safety Partner~Life Support Systems.

Supporting and training athletes for our trail running events.

Thank you Fortius!