I LOVED the trail, volunteers and other runners. Thank you Erica for such a Great Time and I look forward to NoName. ~ L. Leyda

First of all thanks for keeping all the commitments advertised on your website. Do not minimize how big an accomplishment this is.  Over the last 5 years I have done about 25 races. Most do not live up to expectations. Sometimes small nuisance issues, yet other times major things such a badly marked trails.  And special thanks for taking care of my wife Linda.  She had a great time, and even made a buddy while being the cowbell ringer.  I enjoyed the challenging course, trail support, and overall vibe of the event. ~ S. Ryne

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I loved this Inaugural race! The director and volunteers always were smiling and that is so contagious! The people you meet on the trail are the reason I love trail running! Really looking forward to No Name! Thanks Erica ~ L. Thedinga

2017 Inaugural Race Photos & Quotes

Thanks again for putting on an amazing phantom trail race. ~ M. Shay

This is amazing! Wow! I'm so honored! I had the best time at the race! I loved the trails, the medal and of course, the people! The volunteers were so great! Thank you, RD Erica Gratton!!! And thank you, Naked Running Band! ~ T. Premsrirath

The race was beautiful and so much fun! Can't wait for No Name. Thanks again for putting on a rad race. ~ M. Benson

“Chocolate milk . . . now that is a righteous race”. ~ Anonymous


Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers and most excellent on course photographers for capturing these moments!!!

LOVE This Race Course!! This is My Favorite Trail Race right now...the course was so manageable, I ran the whole 10 miles....even on the inclines, because they were perfectly spaced out, I had the energy to run UP them!! Water/ Aid stations had SNACKIES!!! and the volunteers were AMAZING! Felt great afterwards!! See you next year, for sure!!! Kudos Erica ~ M. Shoemake