The race was beautiful and so much fun! Can't wait for No Name. Thanks again for putting on a rad race. ~ M. Benson

Thanks again for putting on an amazing phantom trail race. ~ M. Shay

LOVE This Race Course!! This is My Favorite Trail Race right now...the course was so manageable, I ran the whole 10 miles....even on the inclines, because they were perfectly spaced out, I had the energy to run UP them!! Water/ Aid stations had SNACKIES!!! and the volunteers were AMAZING! Felt great afterwards!! See you next year, for sure!!! Kudos Erica ~ M. Shoemake

This is amazing! Wow! I'm so honored! I had the best time at the race! I loved the trails, the medal and of course, the people! The volunteers were so great! Thank you, RD Erica Gratton!!! And thank you, Naked Running Band! ~ T. Premsrirath

2017 Inaugural Race Photos & Quotes

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers and most excellent on course photographers for capturing these moments!!!

I loved this Inaugural race! The director and volunteers always were smiling and that is so contagious! The people you meet on the trail are the reason I love trail running! Really looking forward to No Name! Thanks Erica ~ L. Thedinga

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First of all thanks for keeping all the commitments advertised on your website. Do not minimize how big an accomplishment this is.  Over the last 5 years I have done about 25 races. Most do not live up to expectations. Sometimes small nuisance issues, yet other times major things such a badly marked trails.  And special thanks for taking care of my wife Linda.  She had a great time, and even made a buddy while being the cowbell ringer.  I enjoyed the challenging course, trail support, and overall vibe of the event. ~ S. Ryne

I LOVED the trail, volunteers and other runners. Thank you Erica for such a Great Time and I look forward to NoName. ~ L. Leyda

“Chocolate milk . . . now that is a righteous race”. ~ Anonymous