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Frequently asked questions

Where the heck is this race?  No Name 5030 will be held in Cheeseboro National Park-Agoura, California. This area of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area is actually called the Simi Hills. At over 4,000 acres in size, this park provides valuable habitat for an abundance of wildlife, including several species of raptors (bird of prey), coyotes, bobcats and even mountain lions. Situated just north of Highway 101, it also provides a source of open space for wild animals to potentially connect with the habitat in the Santa Monica Mountains. For over 200 years, ranchers made these canyons their homes, changing the landscape. Due to heavy grazing, much of the native vegetation was replaced by European annuals such as wild oats and mustard. Today, the land has a chance to rejuvenate, but evidence of past use still exists.

What is the address of the race start location?  5792 Chesebro Road - Agoura, Ca 91301. Take Ventura Fwy (101) to Chesebro Rd exit. Turn north on Palo Comado Canyon Rd then right on Chesebro Rd. Go north 1 mile to park entrance. Turn right and follow road to parking lot. GPS Coordinates for main parking lot entrance & start of race: N 34.1543 W -118.7339 Parking will be off site with a runner shuttle available. No parking allowed in upper parking lot. ********NEW for 2017********* Due to scheduled parking lot construction at Cheeseboro National Park, we will NOT be allowed to start at the upper parking lot. So this year's race will have a different start location. Parking will be the same with shuttles leaving Old Agoura Park or you can walk the 0.8 miles to the start.

Where should I park? There is no parking at the start area. Street parking will be available on Driver Avenue, Colodny Drive, Fairview Place, Lewis Road, and De Vore Court. These roads are all approximately 1.2-1.4 miles from the start. Please read all local parking signs. You are responsible for your personal vehicle. Volunteers will be offering shuttles in their personal vehicles starting at 5:15 am from Old Agoura Park off Driver Avenue and Colodny Roads. This location is approximately 1.3 miles from the race start. If you wait for a shuttle, please be patient and allow the 50K and 50M runners first dibs, as their race starts at 6:30AM. Please be sure to thank the shuttle volunteers too. Alternative option is to use the mile-mile and a half as a warm up. So allow for the additional time. If you choose to walk, simply follow Chesebro Road to the upper parking lot start area. Bring whatever you want or need for during or after the race and/or wear layers and strip them off at the start. We'll have a place to leave your personal items while you run. Parking at the start will NOT be an option, so please do not attempt it. You will be turned around. We want to keep Old Agoura residents happy and be able to bring this event back next year, so please do your part in helping make this a success. Specific parking details will be sent out in an email before the race.

Where can I stay? Here are a few local hotels if you wanna stay while you play - Good Nite Inn 26557 Agoura Rd, Calabasas, CA 91302 www.goodnite.com (818) 880-6000 * Homewood Suites by Hilton 28901 Canwood St, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

www.hilton.com (818) 865-1000 *  Hampton Inn & Suites 30255 Agoura Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301 www.hilton.com(818) 597-0333 or Sheraton Hotel 30100 Agoura Rd, Agoura Hills, CA 91301 www.sheratonagourahills.com(818) 707-1220

Where can I pick up my packet before the race? Pre-race packet pickup will be held at Future Track Running Center located at 30125 Agoura Road Agoura Hills, Ca 91301 (818) 991-4786 Friday, October 6 between 4PM - 7 PM. If you pickup your bib on Friday, please check in on Saturday morning, so we know you are planning to start. If you do not pickup your bib Friday, you can pick up your bib Saturday morning starting at 5:30 AM. Please allow ample time to get to the start, as there is NO parking at the race start area. YES, you can have someone else pickup your bib, you must email us ahead of time however.

What if I can't finish? Please check in at the nearest Aid station (it may be behind you) and give any volunteer your bib number, so you can be accounted for. If you need assistance back to the start, please speak with the Aid station captain and we will do our best to sort you out. If you decide to drop from the race and do not tell anyone, we will call you, text you, email you and drive by your house until you are located. Your safety is our number one concern, so please run responsibly.

What if this is my first ultra? We welcome you and are excited you have chosen No Name 5030 to be your first. Having said that, please refer to the first question. Any specific questions, please email us at: socalultrarunning@gmail.com

Can I have a pacer? No pacers allowed. 

What are the cut off times? 50M must be completed within 14 hours. 50K must be completed within 9 hours. 30K must be completed within 7 hours. Please see the Courses page for more details. 50M runners MUST complete their first 30.6 miles in 9 hours. That is 3:30 PM back at the start/finish area or they will not be allowed to head out for their remaining 21 miles. Any 50M runner returning to the start/finish area after 3:30 PM will receive a time for the 50K race. 50M runners must also complete 41.6 miles by 5:00 PM or they will receive a DNF for the 50M race as they will not be allowed to start the last 10 miles. These are hard cut offs!!!

Will there be any drop bag locations? Yes, for the 50K and 50M racers ONLY. 50K and 50 Milers may have a drop bag at mile 15. 50 Milers may have an additional drop bag left at the start/finish area for access at miles 31, 41 and the finish. Please label the drop bag you would like to see at mile 15 ~ LANG RANCH. We will have additional tape and sharpies to add your bib number on race morning.

Will there be a bag check? A bag check area will be near the start and available to all runners since we'll be shuttling you in...it's our way of saying,  "We know you don't want to freeze your butt off before the start. Shed your layers last minute and leave em'...we get it!" Pack a change of clothes or dry layer for after your race, if you plan to wait for friends. Bring a headlamp. Sunrise is at 6:54 am and sunset is at 6:31 pm.

Where will the aid stations be? Please see the Courses pages for more details. The 15K race will only have support at the start/finish area. Water and minimal aid at 4.5 miles. So be prepared to run 9.6 miles with your own bottles or hydration pack. 30K race will have full Aid Station support at 9.6 miles when they return to the start/finish area before heading back out for their remaining 9.1 miles. So basically half way through. 50K race will have full Aid Stations at approximately 10.5 and 15 miles. Water and minimal aid will be available at miles 8, 18, 20 and 26. 50M race will have full Aid Stations at approximately 10.5, 15, 30.6 and 41.6

Where is the nearest Starbucks? It is located at 5827 Kanan Road Agoura, CA 91301-1651. (818) 735-0268. Regular hours are 4:30 AM TO 10:30 PM. WOOT WOOT!!!

Can I wear headphones? We recommend no headphones. If you must, please be courteous to others by only wearing one bud at a time, so you can hear your fellow runner...especially on the single track portions. Please and thank you. The course will also be open to the public and Cheeseboro is popular with mountain bikers.

What if the event is cancelled? If the race should be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, we will reschedule for a future date and roll everyone's registrations to the future date. NO REFUNDS.

Can my family & friends watch? Yes. Our new course design offers several opportunities for family and friends to come cheer you on!!! Park in the lower Cheeseboro park parking lot and walk up to the start/finish area. Bring a chair and stay a while. We love cheerleaders!

Are dogs allowed in the park? Yes. Dogs are allowed in the National Park, but must be on leashes.

Will the trails be closed during the race? No. Trails will be open to other runners, mountain bikers, hikers and horses. So please follow trail rules and stay alert. If you see a fellow runner in need, please ask if they are ok. Good trail karma will come your way!

Where will restrooms be located? Restrooms will be located at the start/finish area only. A portable toilet will be available at miles 10.5 and 15 for the 50K and 50M runners.

What's the weather like in Agoura Hills in October? Mid to high 70's with lows in the lower 50's. Max high recorded was 81 degrees. 74% sunny days. Rain average ~ 0.66 inches

Did you know? There are several unique facts regarding these canyons: Cheeseboro Canyon has the largest concentrations of birds of prey nesting areas in the U.S. outside of Alaska!!! In addition, the Valley Oak tree, the largest oak native to the United States and possibly the world, lives in these canyons in what might be the largest southerly stand of trees left!!!